Smith Building Inc. acts as the single source responsible for project ownership from start to finish. From preconstruction to closeout, we handle every facet of a project. The Smith Team consists of a group of highly qualified individuals with experience levels ranging from 15 years to 40 years. If there is one characteristic in which the Smith Team is especially proficient, it is project management. While each project is different, the practice behind careful and meticulous project management creates the foundation of a job done on schedule, on budget, and that meets quality standards.

Smith Building’s management style consists of the following:


We’ll meet to  discuss the project, ideas and requirements and determine the best options to proceed.

Concept & Design

Next we’ll present the concept and designs, timelines and make any changes needed for a successful project.


As we prepare, we’ll complete all the final planning needed prior to starting work.


We’ll work with our vendors in order to acquire all materials, ensuring top quality and budget conditions are met.

Construction & Quality Control

Our team works together to complete the project quickly and controlling costs, but without any sacrifice of quality.


Experienced team members review the work throughout and ensure it meets all requirements.


We are confident the completed work will exceed your satisfaction.

SMITH Building:
Success, Motivation, Integrity, Teamwork and Humility is what makes us who we are.